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Welcome to Club Amps!

I'm Don Anderson, founder of Club Amplifiers.  I hope you will find this site useful as you explore your sonic objectives.

Facebook!  Hey, we've had a facebook page for quite awhile now.  I keep forgetting to mention that on the website.  We appreciate "likes", but we are not a numbers collector.  Like us if you mean it.  www.facebook.com/clubamps

Club Amplifiers was proud, once again, to be a sponsor of the San Jose Jazz Summerfest.  We have been providing amplifiers for San Jose Jazz sponsored events for several years now.  This year's festival was amazing.  There is so much diversity of music that it's hard to do justice with words.

This year Club Amplifiers also provided amplifiers for the Monterey Jazz Festival.  This was our second year as a sponsor to MJF.

Our mission statement is a pretty simple one: 

1)  Very compact amplifiers suitable for working "clubs" with small stages
2)  Amplifiers that sound the absolute best in their pure form
3)  Very big, full, detailed, articulate sound!
4)  Very pedal friendly 

You have been asking for it for a very long time.  We "got it right" for Larry Coryell.  We are now pleased to offer the reverb version of the Club Classic Series II.

A Series II Club Classic Head. Simple elegance.

Club Classic Head on a 1x15 cab.  We are big on 15s.  We have several very special custom 15s.  They move a lot of air but are very easy to transport.  Our 15s are very detail and lively.

Series II Club Classic 1x12 combo. 

Small but very potent; available with 15W-55W of power. 

Mouse Mays of Point Blank on the left performing with a 50W Club Classic EL34 head at the Dallas International Guitar Festival.  The "tiny" Club head is sitting on top of a Peavey head and 4x12 cab (This was the Peavey stage).

Our thanks to Mouse for choosing Club.  It sounded amazing! 

Larry Coryell playing a Club 50W 1x15 Reverb Combo at Kuumbwa Jazz.

Extraordinary singer-guitar player Martin Luther playing a Club 30W 2x10 Reverb Combo at the Monterey Jazz Festival.  There are actually two Club Amps on stage.  Can you see the second one?  Renowned keyboardist Brian Jackson chose a Club 50W 1x15 Reverb Combo to get the sound he was looking for from his Rhodes piano.  It's all the way at the left.  Brian turned the amp towards himself (away from the audience) so he could hear himself as clearly as possible then mic-ed the amp through the PA for the audience.  There's a black Yamaha grand piano behind the Club Amp, but if you look closely you can see the power tubes glowing.

Keyboard wizard Craig Taiborn chose a Club 20W combo for the first of his two performances at the Monterey Jazz Festival. 

For this highly inventive performance Craig had the Club Amp "aimed" into the cavity of a Yamaha Grand Piano.  He played a vintage Farfisa drawbar keyboard through the Club Amp to resonate with the Yamaha Grand.  It was a very interesting and impressive performance.

Blues sensation Murali Coryell on the Blues Stage at the San Jose Jazz Festival.  The house was "groovin" to Murali's blues with a R&B flavor.  Murali was playing through a 50W 1x15 reverb combo, but he uses a Club 30W 2x10 as well.  Murali was kind enough to make a special announcement to the crowd that Club Amplifiers was delivering his tone.  He has a great voice and great guitar stylings.  Murali learned about Club Amps when he performed in the documentary "Earthquake at Yoshi's-a Retrospective" with his father Larry Coryell.  See below.

Larry Coryell during the multi-performance documentary "Earthquake at Yoshi's-a Retrospective".  Larry is playing through a 60W 1x15 Club Combo

Club Amps have amazing detail; for electric guitar of all styles, acoustic guitar, and keyboards.  Note in this picture from the San Jose Jazz Association Winterfest,  that two artists from the Andre Thierry Zaydego Band chose to use Club Amplifiers; guitar and keyboard.  The guitar amp is hard to see behind the washboard player.

We appreciated this Myspace post from our good friend Lello D'Angelo from Milano, Italy.  He's been a Club Amp owner for years.  He play's his Club Head through a 2x12 cab with some seriously vintage Celestions.  His rock and rockin blues are first rate.

About this website

We build amps as our primary mission.  You could say our permanent web site is still under construction, but our priority is on building amps.  In fact, this site is in re-design, but we've been saying that for very long time.  It will change eventually.  Because everything we make is to customer criteria the normal "shopping carts" of e-commerce don't work very well.  We're working on a best way to enter orders with custom criteria using an online shopping cart.

This site contains a lot of information, perhaps more than many musicians would want.  But, over the years we've found that our happiest clients are the ones who have put some serious thought and research into what they "really" want.  If you are not familiar with our company or our product I encourage you to start by taking a look at the "Products" page.  Check out the product page first, then take a careful look at the About Us page and "Why Club Amps?"  We've been building amps for a very long time.  We make a really great amp.  I hope we'll be building an amp for you soon.

Please send comments and inquiries to info@clubamps.com

Thanks again for taking the time to visit.

Don Anderson