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Club Amps are usually built-to-order, but there are times when we have demos or prototypes for sale.  This is where you will find them listed.  They will (usually) be in brand new or very good condition, guaranteed for a year.

Was $1600.00_now $1400.00 or look for it on Ebay

60W EL34 head with "The Standard" output transformer and solid state rectifier.  This amp was used on 3 stages at the 2013 San Jose Jazz Festival.

Was $1775_now $1600 or look for it on Ebay

This amp was the subject of an article in Guitar Player Magazine.  It's been a flagship demo used at San Jose Jazz Summerfest, Fountain Blues Festival and the Monterey Jazz Festival.  I has a Blues output transformer, 5881 output tubes, 5AR4 rectifier and H30 speaker.

30W 2x10 Reverb combo with Blues output transformer.  The speakers are Celestion Greenback 10s (make in England, not China).  The reverb tank is NOS Accutronics, made in the USA (my last one).  Please pardon the swirly effect on the grillcloth.  It wasn't in the original pic which had to be edited for upload.

15W EL84 with 5Y3 rectifier (hot cathode biased)-$1200.00 (as a head).  This is a really sweet little amplifier for studio or small gigs!  It is an uncommitted chassis.  It's not a finished amp at this point.  We can complete it quickly as a head or a 2x10 combo using one of the uncommitted cabs listed below.  It will take a week or more to finish if you would like it.  With a different cab configuration allow 2-3 weeks.

50W-60W uncommitted chassis with "The Standard" output transformer.  This chassis is in process to be completed as a reverb chassis to be mounted in a 4x10 combo, but at the moment is still uncommitted.  Price will depend on final configuration.

We have two uncommitted 4x10 Series II combo cabs in different stages of completion.

We have two uncommitted two 2x10 combo cabs that can be completed either as Series I or Series II.  

We have one 1x15 Series II combo cab waiting for a chassis.

We have one Series II head waiting for a chassis.

We have one Series I head waiting for a chassis.